Things to read

> 2014

When a Crossroads is a Corner

Short story | First published November 2014

“One bark from the black dog on the corner will bring the rest of the litter running.” Read on >

> 2013

Audience with the Ghost Finder

Stage play | First performed May 2013

“A thing doesn’t have to be real to be frightening.” Read on >

> 2012

Dead Without Dying

Short story | First published April 2012

“The Three-Century Sage was dead, and there was something smug about his corpse.” Read on >

> 2009

Thorndyke’s Folly

Short story | First published September 2009

“Shooting this press conference is the first worthwhile thing Francis Thorndyke will do in twenty-three years of life, and if he buggers it up he’ll forfeit his right ever to shoot anything more worthwhile than country bumpkins chasing cheeses down hills.” Read on >

Coasting Together on Parallel Rails

Short story | First published August 2009

“Thirty seconds before departure, the train doors shriek and swish and shut and lock (for my own safety).” Read on >


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