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When a Crossroads is a Corner will appear in Apex Magazine issue 66

My story When a Crossroads is a Corner won the black dog/Hellhound category of Apex Magazine‘s Steal the Spotlight Micro Fiction Contest!

The story will be published in Apex Magazine issue 66 (due out this Tuesday, 4 November 2014), alongside the other four category-winning stories.

I wrote the story specifically for the contest, the aim of which was to swing the spooky spotlight of Hallowe’en away from the overexposed vampires, zombies, witches and ghosts and onto some of the other monsters waiting in the wings: sea monsters, demons, banshees, science experiments gone wrong, and black dogs/Hellhounds.

Congratulations to the other four category winners:

Sea Monsters: Whispering Waters by Jessica Walsh

Banshees: Stone Woman by Robin Wyatt Dunn

Science Experiments Gone Wrong: The Fitzpatrick Solution by Loreen Heneghan

Demons: Guided Breathing Exercises by Christine Purcell

And happy (ever so slightly belated) Hallowe’en, everyone!