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A Town Called Amnesty, Act Two


A Town Called Amnesty, Act Two of Five.

Content warnings for this season: gun violence, blood, death

The company gets wind of trouble at the tin mine, and learns the law’s a fragile thing out on the frontier; sometimes to uphold it, you gotta undermine it a little.


Ellie Pitkin as Ellie West-Desperado

Alexander Pankhurst as Alex Lawman

Helen Stratton as Helen Stetson

Richard Stratton as Strat Stetson

Created and hosted by M. J. Starling (www.mjstarling.com)

In association with Blackshaw Theatre Company (www.blackshawonline.com)

Playing a Wild West version of Simple World by Avery Alder (buriedwithoutceremony.com/little-games)