On the TV Crossover Universe podcast: Carnacki and Lovecraft and Gormenghast, oh my

I’m on the latest episode of the Television Crossover Universe podcast, hosted by Robert E Wronski Jr and James Bojaciuk.

Listen to the episode/subscribe to the podcast at the Television Crossover Universe website.

The team booked me for the podcast pretty much solely on the strength of Audience with the Ghost Finder, because in the play I mash up WH Hodgson’s Outer Circle with HP Lovecraft’s Dreamlands. That’s the only thing I’ve written that really qualifies as a crossover, but the team were super welcoming and enthusiastic anyway, and let me ramble on about everything else I’m working on as well.

That meant I got to officially announce something that’s been keeping me busy for a fair few months, but which has been top secret up until very recently: Blackshaw Theatre (who produced Audience with the Ghost Finder on the London fringe in 2013) are reviving their stage adaptation of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast: Titus Groan this year, and they’ve brought me in as a script editor.

I’ve been itching to have my way with the Gormenghast: Titus Groan script since I saw it performed in Covent Garden years ago: it’s a beautiful adaptation, but it ran at something like three and a half hours long, and I was positive I could help tighten that up and really solidify the many, many characters’ journeys for the audience at the same time. Well, Ellie Pitkin, the company’s Managing and Artistic Director, let me put my money where my mouth is, and with the help of Richard Stratton (one of the original writers) and Vikki Weston (Blackshaw’s Strategy and Planning Manager, acting as project manager for the new adaptation), we now have a new draft that’s oh-so-very-nearly ready for a table read.

Funding permitting, the Gormenghast: Titus Groan revival will run at the Battersea Library for five weeks in November and December this year. (Yes, a story about book-burning, staged in a library. I love it too.)

Also on the podcast, I sort of publicly committed myself to finally finishing Stuck on Repeat, aka That Damn Novel, in 2016. So there’s that.


About M. J. Starling

Writer, and host of the Schenectady Six-Pack podcast. Gave William Hope Hodgson's ghost-finder, Carnacki, his stage debut.


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