Your regular six-pack of inspiration is back

The podcast formerly known as Writer Collider is back! In episode 009, Sarah Millman – creator of The Heart of Time –  responds to writing prompts submitted by Leo Wilson and Lucy Hounsom, and in the process reveals a thing or two about writing for comics and video games, and how inspiration works for her:

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> hang on – “formerly known as”?

I’ve never been completely happy with “Writer Collider” as a title. It made it sound like the show was all about the interaction between two writers – me and my guest – which was never the point. The point was always to see how different writers respond to different prompts, where they’re able to find inspiration and what they do with it to refine it into something more tangible.

As I’ve always put it: the point is to apply the golden rule of writing (show, don’t tell) to the question writers dread (where do you get your ideas?).

So the podcast formerly known as Writer Collider is now known as The Schenectady Six-Pack, which is a much sillier name derived from this flippant thing that Harlan Ellison allegedly says when people ask him where his ideas come from.

If you’re a podcast subscriber, it’s possible you might need to re-subscribe to the feed, because the name change has altered some of the details, including the feed URL. I have my fingers crossed that Feedburner will do a clever thing and port you all over without any fuss, but crossing fingers rarely does much against the possibility of stuff going wrong with the internet. I’ll issue updates when I’ve worked out how it’s all gone down, but if you encounter problems in the meantime, click here to be taken to the feed, where you can re-subscribe using your podcatching app or service of choice.

And enjoy the new episode!


About M. J. Starling

Writer, and host of the Schenectady Six-Pack podcast. Gave William Hope Hodgson's ghost-finder, Carnacki, his stage debut.


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