Want even more Carnacki? Look out for The New Adventures

Carnacki the new adventures masthead by MS Corley

Masthead design by MS Corley

The full playtext of Audience with the Ghost Finder will appear in Carnacki: The New Adventures, an anthology of new Carnacki stories by modern authors. So if you’ve got a taste for new interpretations of William Hope Hodgson’s ghost finder, this book is going to be well worth your time.

It’s forthcoming in print and ebook formats from Sam and Carol Gafford’s Ulthar Press, which also publishes Sargasso: the journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies.

Watch this space and/or Sam Gafford’s William Hope Hodgson Blog for info on release dates, pricing and so on as it’s released.

You’ll still be able to download Audience with the Ghost Finder in full for free from this site, but you’ll be missing out on the rest of The New Adventures‘ impressive table of contents. (Since my free ebook edition has six of Hodgson’s original Carnacki stories, and The New Adventures has all these brand new spins on the character and his investigations, of course I’m going to recommend grabbing both…)

Here’s the full table of contents for the anthology to whet your appetite:

Carnacki: Captain Gault’s Nemesis by William Meikle (Twitter | Facebook)
Monmouth’s Giants* by Josh Reynolds (Twitter | Tumblr)
A Gaslight Horror by P. V. Ross
Carnacki and the President’s Vampire by Robert Pohle
The Spar: A Story of Carnacki by Fred Blosser
The Braes of the Blackstarr by Robert Jefferson
The Magician’s Study by Buck Weiss (Twitter)
How They Met Themselves by Charles R. Rutledge (Twitter)
The Haunting of Tranquil House by Jim Beard (Facebook)
The Ghosts of Kuskulang by Amy K. Marshall (Twitter | Facebook)
A Job for Carnacki by Robert M. Price
Audience with the Ghost Finder by M. J. Starling

*Monmouth’s Giants also serves as the origin story for Josh Reynolds’ own supernatural investigator character, the Royal Occultist.


About M. J. Starling

Writer, and host of the Schenectady Six-Pack podcast. Gave William Hope Hodgson's ghost-finder, Carnacki, his stage debut.


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